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Coming Soon: Create a Login to Transact when the New TSSA Client Portal Launches in April

by TSSA News | Feb 14, 2024
From April 29, 2024, the ten highest-volume applications will only be available on the TSSA Client Portal. Customers who may have started filling out an existing application will have to complete and submit it via our existing Prepayment portal no later than Friday, April 26.

Sign up as a new user to access Portal services & ten highest-volume applications

The TSSA Client Portal is set to launch in April and will make it easier for regulated industry customers to perform online transactions.   

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All customers need to sign up as new users of the TSSA Client Portal before they will be able to conduct any transactions.   
  • The following online services will be available on the Portal in April:
    • Creating and updating accounts
    • Making exam requests
    • Viewing exam results
    • Paying online for services   
  •  The Portal will initially offer access to the ten highest-volume applications listed in the table below.    
  • All other applications will continue to be submitted through the Service Prepayment Portal via TSSA’s website until more applications are added to the TSSA Client Portal.


List of ten highest-volume applications on the TSSA Client Portal:

Service TypeApplication
Inspection Scheduling
  1. Request for Installation Inspection of a Boiler & Pressure Vessel (BPV)
  2. Request for BPV Inspections: New Manufacturing (Shop Fabrication), Repair, Alteration, Welder/Brazer Qualification
Public Information
  1. Public Information Requests for documents
Training, Certifications & Exams
  1. Request an exam booking
Customer Management
  1. Request for Change of Ownership (for customers of Fuels and Elevating & Amusement Devices only)
  2. Register in Ontario as a Fuel Safety Contractor
  3. Request for Ontario Licence to Transport Fuel
Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  1. Apply for BPV Design Registration
  2. Request for BPV Variance
Licensing & Registrations
  1. Renew Amusement Device Permit

TSSA will be providing multiple resources to help customers navigate the Client Portal. Please watch for future communications on TSSA’s website.

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