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BPV/OE Incident Reporting Guidelines - Accepting Feedback until September 2 2021

by Mueni Kithuka | Stakeholder Relations Advisor | Jul 05, 2021

TSSA encourages you to review the guidelines and provide additional input if you have any. We also encourage you to circulate it to other stakeholders. We are accepting feedback for 60 days until September 2 2021, so please provide feedback by responding to this email.


Working with industry stakeholders, TSSA assessed options and selected an approach to incident reporting aligned with best practices such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 for Oil & Gas pipeline systems and CSA Z260 for Pipeline System Safety Metrics.

 Some highlights of the new guidelines include the following:

  • An incident definition that includes reportable events that do not cause injury/property damage.
    • Leaks from pressure equipment that require repairs to the pressure vessel are considered reportable events.
  • Near-miss occurrences are not reportable events.

 A key focus during the review process was to minimize burden on industry resulting from changes to the incident definitions and reporting requirements without compromising public safety. Incident investigations will be aligned with the pre-existing repair inspections to minimize burden to industry.

Should you have any questions of a technical nature please email them to Justin Onwudiwe at if you have any questions related to the review process please email them to me at


OE Incident Defn_Reporting Guidelines Final

BPV Incident Defn_Reporting Guidelines Final

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