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NIPE - Opposes Path 2 - Media Release

by Allan Whetter | Aug 09, 2020
The National Institute of Power Engineers is genuinely concerned about the manner and speed by which the TSSA is moving forward with a process which: a) is not aligned with the vision of NPSAC, ACI and SOPEEC or the Labour Mobility act 2008 b) is not endorsed by the majority of stakeholders as evidenced through the public consultation, and by the TSSA Operating Engineers Advisory Council (OEAC).

IPE opposes TSSA Risk Task Group Path 1-2 and Alternate Rules in Ontario

To date, work on Path 1 has progressed only as far as presenting a basic concept of the risk 
equation and the required modifiers that bring it  close to  the current "prescriptive" model at a 
First Class Engineers Certificate Level.

Path 2 has seen the most work as it  now has a complete guide available to  lead any owner through 
the process required to make an application to the TSSA .  Despite various public pronouncements 
regarding the approval of Path 2 RSMP, it  did not receive acceptance and approval of the TSSA 
Operating Engineers Advisory Council (OEAC) and through the public consultation TSSA industry stake 
holders survey.

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