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Being as Power Engineer is serious stuff. When things go not as planned and you have a Near-Miss where no damages or lost time occurred but you (Power Engineer) saved the day, it's a GREAT DAY!! We'd like to think that is as far things go but unfortunately that is not always the case. This map is where we, as Power Engineers, can point out where serious events have occurred and have been verified publicly.

We are always told that Ontario has a really good safety record. This may be true but not all occurrences become public nor do we really appreciate how close to home these events occur.. Please help the profession (IPE) and the public at large where unsafe events have taken place.

We owe it to ourselves and to those around us to point out where industry, technology and processes have let us down. This is not a place to point fingers but where we can learn to do things better and safer by being informed

If you know of an event, please send your information to . We will only post information related to the event and never personal information of who submitted it.

Click a location on the map or the list below to view full details on each event.


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  • Boiler Explosion at Hotel
    Salt Lake City, UT

    Little America Hotel|Incident|261a7db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Boiler Explosion at Hotel|500 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84101
  • Pulp Digester Boiler Explodes
    Jay, ME

    Verso Paper|Near Miss|fe1d7db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Pulp Digester Boiler Explodes|300 Riley Rd, Jay, ME, 04239
  • Ammonia leak at Maple Lodge Farms

    Maple Lodge Farms|Incident|ae257db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Ammonia leak at Maple Lodge Farms|8301 Winston Churchill Blvd, Brampton, , L6Y 0A2
  • Salem Harbor Generating Station
    Salem, MA

    Dominion Energy New England|Incident|774c7db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Salem Harbor Generating Station|24 Fort Avenue, Salem, MA, 01970
  • Boiler Accident
    Paris, TN

    Dana Corporation|Incident|ea4c7db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Boiler Accident|, Paris, TN,
  • Explosion in apartment in Madrid

    CTV News|Incident|e9d47db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Explosion in apartment in Madrid|, Madrid, ,
  • Liquid nitrogen leak at US Georgia poultry plant kills 6
    Gainesville, GA

    Foundation Food Group - US plant|Incident|09d87db0-16c9-6395-8f08-ff000012faf4|Liquid nitrogen leak at US Georgia poultry plant kills 6|, Gainesville, GA,
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