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First Class Positions
  • Chief Operating Engineer - TSSA

    Company: TSSA
    Department: Operating Engineer Division
    Status: Full time
    Closing Date: ASAP
    Reference #:
    Tear Down Date: Oct 27, 2022
    Posted By: Toronto Branch
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  • Chief Operating Engineer

    Company: University of Guelph
    Department: Central Utilities Plant, Physical Resources
    Status: Full Time
    Closing Date: ASAP
    Reference #: 2022-0045
    Tear Down Date: Jul 14, 2022
    Posted By: Ontario Branch
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Peter D'AmoreFourth Class Power Engineer Employment Wanted
Posted By: Kingston Branch 

4TH Class Power Engineer looking for employment. In the process of writing his 3rd class power engineer exams.  Please contact  Peter D'Amore by phone at 613-985-0304  or by e-mail.

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