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PWU Opposes Implementation of TSSA's Path 2

by Jeff Parnell | Jun 25, 2020
The Power Workers Union wrote to the Honorable Lisa Thompson to intervene and stop the imminent changes made by the TSSA.

This past week, the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) wrote a letter to Minister of Government and Consumer Services, the Honorable Lisa Thompson. The purpose of this letter was to compel Minister Thompson to intervene and stop the imminent changes made by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA).

The letter specifically speaks to the implementation of a Path 2 Risk Safety Management Plan as an “Alternate Rule” to the existing Operating Engineers Regulation O. Reg 219/01. These proposed changes by the TSSA will undermine the safe operation of generating facilities in Ontario.

Currently, The Operating Engineers Act, which is supported by inspection services from the TSSA, has governed the safe operation of Ontario’s electricity generation facilities extremely well in its current form for decades using predictable, prescriptive, and transparent regulatory oversight requires compliance with clear rules in the safe operation of otherwise extremely hazardous facilities.

There are no generating companies whom support the implementation of Path 2. Like other stakeholders, The PWU sincerely believes that Path 2 will severely weaken regulatory oversight in electricity
generation, unnecessarily threaten public safety, generating facility employees and the reliability of

electricity generation in Ontario.

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