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Operating Engineers Alternate Rules Path 2 Guidelines Now Available

by Don Purser | Jun 18, 2020
A Path 2 RSMP would be a threat to public safety in Ontario

The TSSA has just released their Path 2 Guidelines.  It seems as though nothing will slow them down in their reckless promotion of a pathway that is opposed by their own Operating Engineers Advisory Council.  It seems as though nobody except the TSSA wants this.

The OEAC recently penned a letter to Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services.  The following is an excerpt from that letter:

"The OEAC has become increasingly frustrated over the apparent disregard of Council’s advice to TSSA. This therefore begs the question of why the OEAC exists if TSSA is not able to follow up on the advice given? The belief, right or wrong, is that a specific industrial sector has secured MGCS support with the intent of having PATH 2 take priority over any or all other regulatory initiatives. 

In closing, and to reiterate, the OEAC believes the development and implementation of a robust and sustainable PATH 1 Risk Based model and the adoption of a well vetted “Alternate Rules” Process are in the best interest of all stakeholders.  Considering the negative consequences of self-regulation without adequate oversight, as we have witnessed both at home and abroad, a PATH 2 RSMP would be a threat to public safety in Ontario."

UNIFOR is a labour union that has many Operating Engineers as members.  They are now coming on board and also publishing letters to the Minister slamming the TSSA's motives with their promotion of a pathway that will endanger the health and safety of it's members. 

Let's be honest, Path 2 is self regulation.  The Provincial government doesn't have a very good track record with self regulation.  Here's a quote from UNIFOR's letter:

"Ontario’s track record of self-regulation has a history of failure. We point to the Walkerton water crisis in the Minister’s own riding to illustrate this point. Without Acts and solid regulations, industry will exploit these opportunities with the same tragic results. Months ago, Boeing was given part self-regulation over the development of its 737 Max with horrifying results. We urge the Minister to halt the TSSA’s implementation of Path 2. 

Unifor proudly represents members in every industry in which power engineers work. Our members are essential workers providing the heartbeat of Ontario in the power, chemical, institutional, manufacturing, and food production industries, among others. Self-regulation would jeopardize our power grid stability, our food supply chain and food safety, as well as the safety of our workers and communities."

It begs the question, why is Path 2 still an option?

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