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Path 2 Guidelines Encourages RSMP

by Don Purser | Apr 30, 2020
Operating Engineers Advisory Council not in support of Path 2
What the TSSA doesn't want us to know is that they are secretly ramping up their support for Path 2.  Even though their own Operating Engineers Advisory Council is not in favour of Path 2 at all. 


Last year the IPE, the TSSA and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services had agreed on a partial framework for Path 1, however now the TSSA has released a Path 2 Guide.  It seems they are intent on having plants develop a Risk Safety Management Plan (RSMP) that basically amounts to self regulation.  

In fact, if your a plant owner and are finding it difficult implementing your RSMP; don't worry the TSSA has a Compliance Support program to guide you though the process.  It seems like they are tripping over themselves in order to steamroll Path 2 into existence.  This is totally unprofessional.

 Now that we're in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen that self regulation didn't work out so well for the Long Term Care homes in Ontario.  Lets not let that happen the the registered plants in this province.
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