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So you think you're safe-Part 2

by Allan Whetter | Apr 25, 2020

Ammonia Releases in Ontario

Stories that are not heard


People were evacuated 300 metres around the site in Gogama as a precautionary measure, train car now repaired. A rail car was leaking ammonia gas for several hours on Monday, forcing the evacuation of almost a quarter of the community, located between Sudbury and Timmins. 2013

A leak of ammonia at the Parmalat cheese factory in Winchester, Ont. — which forced a woman out of her home temporarily last week — has been referred to the Ministry of Environment's investigations and enforcement branch to determine if charges are required. 2015


. On April 16, 2017, in the early morning hours when no staff were at the facility, the flow of raw carbon dioxide unexpectedly increased. As a result, raw carbon dioxide exceeded the refrigeration capacity at the facility and caused approximately 815 kg of ammonia to vent through cooling system pressure release valves


A list of ammonia leaks at arenas in Canada


                                               Facility leaks

Ammonia leak in Brampton this was the second leak at this facility


Ammonia leaks in other countries left to mange risk




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