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So you think we are safe-have a look at these links.

by Allan Whetter | Apr 25, 2020

Gas leaks


B.C. Case Study: Ammonia Release Incidents (2007 – 2017)







April 2019 usa

The following list summarizes the injury reports made to Technical Safety BC.

In 2008, an arena and the surrounding eight blocks were evacuated after an ammonia leak. It was reported that a first responder was exposed to ammonia.

In 2010, it was reported that a first responder was admitted to hospital after exposure to ammonia gas when responding to an ammonia leak at an arena.

In 2011, it was reported that three employees received injuries when ammonia refrigerant vapour was released at an arena. It was reported that two employees (operators) walked into ammonia vapour when they walked outside to investigate. The third employee (not an operator) reported exposure to ammonia. Approximately one year after the incident and investigation, Technical Safety BC learned indirectly that the third employee’s injuries were more serious than initially reported. This employee experienced chronic effects that impacted the employee’s respiratory systems.

In 2013, it was reported that 19 people were sent to hospital as a precaution after ammonia was released from a food processing facility. Of those, 18 people were from a separate facility nearby.

In August 2014, it was reported that an employee (operator) at an arena who was adding oil to the compressor and was sprayed with it, smelled ammonia. The operator used the face wash numerous times throughout the morning but did not seek first aid.

In October 2014, it was reported that three people were exposed to ammonia gas at an arena and were treated by emergency services and sent to hospital. They were released the same day.

In October 2014, an employee was sent to hospital for examination following an ammonia release at a food processing facility.

In April 2015, an operator attempted to purge ammonia from the arena’s system into water. The operator attempted to dispose the ammonia-water mixture via a hose. While initiating the siphon, the ammonia-water mixture entered the operator’s mouth.

In June 2015, three employees at a recreational facility were exposed to ammonia vapour when an operator in an adjacent building was purging an ammonia line.

In September 2015, an operator was attempting to add oil to the compressor when the operator was exposed to ammonia vapours. The operator was taken to hospital for treatment.

In December 2016, an operator sustained chemical burns to his hand when the operator attempted to replace an oil filter on the refrigeration compressor.

In December 2016, a worker (not an operator of the refrigeration system) experienced headache and burning/irritation in the nose after the worker was exposed to ammonia vapour.

In April 2017, a witness in the next building detected an ammonia odour after ammonia was released from the system’s safety relief valve.

In October 2017, three workers died after an ammonia release in an arena’s mechanical room.

In October 2018, Leak at a dog food plant 40 blocks evacuated in Langley

In October 2019 leak on a chiller only in operation a few days alberni-valley-multiplex-ammonia-release-incident


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