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Wanted - Steam Turbine

by Allan Whetter | May 23, 2019
St. Clair College is looking for  a steam turbine for their training lab used to provide Power Engineer students with practical experience in a training environment. See specs below. If you have a steam turbine or know of where one would be available, please contact:

Dave Belanger
Professor/Coordinator, Power Engineering

2nd Class Power Engineer/Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Office: (519) 972-2727 ext. 4757
Room 125A

Steam Turbine specs;
  • Turbine
    • Inlet Steam Pressure 110 psig
    • Inlet temperature 340 F
    • Inlet Flange 300# rating
    • Exhaust pressure 10 psig
  • Pump
    • 40 GPM
    • 200 psig head
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