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Behind-the-Meter Power Opportunity

by Allan Whetter | Sep 26, 2018

Atlantic Power Corporation( the “Company”), an independent power company based in Dedham, MA, is seeking to identify parties with a potential interest in our nearly identical ~40 MW North Bay and Kapuskasing Power plants located in Ontario. The Company is soliciting interest in either (i) entering into a behind the meter energy supply agreement to sell low-cost power and heat from either or both plants or (ii) the sale of either or both plants.  The Company intends to conduct a two stage process, which is expected to launch in Q4 2018, and targeted to close in 2019.

The attached teaser provides an overview of the North Bay and Kapuskasing power generation facilities.  If you are interested in further evaluating the opportunity, we request that you contact Sean Gillespie  or Nick Galotti  Upon execution of an NDA, interested parties will be provided with information necessary to submit a proposal in stage 1.  Further information regarding the process will be supplied after execution of an NDA.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Sean Gillespie | VP, Operations

4001 Hwy 11N | North Bay | Ontario | P1B 8G3

Direct: (705) 840-6053 | Mobile: (705) 471-5890

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