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IPE Educational Forum Testimonial

by William Shaw | Nov 13, 2017
William Shaw a retired 1st Class Power Engineer comments about the IPE Ontario Area Educational Forum
This last week I attended the IPE Chief Engineers conference in Toronto. Some very informative and interesting topics. Mike Adams the Chief Engineer of Ontario from the TSSA spoke about changes to the Operating Engineers act. The proposed changes lining up Ontario with most of Canada and some common sense changes in wording and updating. There was a lot of conversation and great comments about, Ensuring our Engineers Qualifications but most of all Chief Engineers ensuring competence of our staff. This conference was well attended by most areas except the Sarnia area, disappointing. I was there representing Lambton College with a member of the Co-op recruitment team Justin Gingerich. We made several great new contacts and renewed some existing relationships. Great thanks to the IPE group from head office for giving Ontario Power Engineers a great forum to network and learn.
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