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Kingston Picnic - August 2017

 A good time was had by all. Photo here shows a few of the members after enjoying a delicious steak luncheon.

  • Kingston IPE Picnic


Pool Tournament - January 26, 2018

Kingston Branch Pool tournament at Raxx bar and grill. Pictured below a couple of the member Pool Sharks. One of a number that is held during the year.  Look at that concentration !!

  • pool
  • pete & pool


Our Past Christmas Social

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IPE Plant Tour Events
Plant Tours

There are currently no plant tours scheduled at the moment.  

Index Energy Tour 2018

On July 22 2018, The Kingston branch had the opportunity to tour the Index energy cogen facility. We were given an extensive tour by plant manager Derek Blaise that enabled us to gain insights as to how his plant operates. 

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  • Kingston Index Energy Tour
  • index plant picture
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