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Power Engineers of Ontario


The Ontario Area of the Institute of Power Engineers is a part of a National organization dedicated to promoting the role played by Power Engineers in our power-dependent economy. It is a profession with an early established history. Locally, we represent Power Engineers in Ontario.


The Institute of Power Engineers fosters business relations, social activities and provides technical presentations for the exchange of knowledge and skill. Our web site has been created to serve as a resource centre which covers issues related to Power Engineering. We hope it is both informative and beneficial to everyone who visits.


To gain access to the IPE Members page, please contact the Webmaster for the password.
Institute of Power Engineers

Up-Front NEWS

  • Operating Engineer Demographics Presentation

    Oct 03, 2019
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  • TSBC publishes Refrigerant leak case study 2007 - 2017

    Sep 14, 2019
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What Is a Power Engineer?
Learn more by watching the videos below

National Membership can be obtained through the E-Commerce Section.

Video courtesy of the TSSA
Video courtesy of the National IPE

Are you making changes
to your plant?
Consider donating your used equipment to a College. Send us an email with a brief description and we'll connect you with a College that can make use of educational equipment.


Have you been in the market
for an Operating Engineer?
Consider hiring and training student Power Engineers.
They are the ultimate replacement for soon to be retired staff.

Check out Markham District Energy's way to address staffing.

MDE Student Employment Plan

There is a letter that  has been sent to all Plant Chief's whose plant's are approved for student learning. This letter can help Plant Chiefs explain the need for allowing Power Engineer students access to practical learning opportunities for their continued advancement.

Power Engineering Letter 2017

Plant Chief
Power Engineer Student Experiences

Read first hand accounts from Plant Chiefs who have provided Power Engineer Students Real Work Experience.

Testimonial - Dan Rosenfeld


Membership at the IPE

Be more informed in the profession and attain that edge!


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Membership Fees
IPE Regular Membership

Regular Membership
A Regular Member is any certified Power Engineer in Canada.

Associated Membership
An Associated Member is any individual who is interested in the promotion of Power Engineers.

$120.00/yr  (2019) + $10 initiation fee first year only for both Regular and Associated Membership.

IPE Student Membership

Student Membership
 A Student Member is any Power Engineer student attending an accredited Power Engineer accredited College. This is for Power Engineer students who are in a full time studies. The first year after graduation is $45 for membership as a Student Graduate Member. While Branches are responsible for Student membership, the National Office sends out monthly emails to all members with information on the Power Engineer profession. 

Please contact your local branch.

IPE Student Graduate Membership

Student Graduate Membership
A Student Graduate is a Power Engineer student who has recently graduated (up to one year from graduation).


IPE Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership
A Corporate Member is a company sponsored membership.  Corporate members follow the same rules as regular and associated members.  There is a reduced cost for corporate membership.  Contact the National Office to find out more at nipe[at]

Please email the National Office for more details.

Corporate Members

Atlantic Power, Canadian Mist Distillers, Cardinal Power,  Conestoga College, Emerald Energy from Waste, Lake Superior, Lambton College, and Markham District Energy
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